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Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Victims of sexual harassment often feel helpless to fight back after their experience, especially in the workplace. It can be hard to take action against offending parties if you feel as though you would lose your job for doing so. Between the risk of losing your job and the judgment from your peers, you might feel as though it is better to do nothing at all.

We at the Law Offices of Barry Pasternack want you to know that you have rights in these cases, and we know how to defend them. Here in California, it is illegal for an employer to harass or fire an employee for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. We can help you hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Forms Of Workplace Harassment

There are many forms that sexual harassment can take in the workplace. It can come in the form of inappropriate jokes, unwanted physical contact and even quid pro quo. Quid pro quo is another name for “this for that”, or when people do something in exchange for a favor from another person. In the workplace, this can appear as requesting sexual favors in exchange for getting hired, earning a promotion or even a pay raise.

When sexual harassment goes unchecked for too long, it can cultivate a hostile work environment. This may make you feel unsafe around certain employees or employers, or even when the workplace itself feels unsafe to you.

Protect Yourself With An Experienced Attorney

From here in our San Diego office, our lawyers pride themselves on fighting for the best possible outcome in our clients’ cases. Whether you want to fight back after being sexually harassed, or you want to end a hostile work environment, we know what it takes to protect your legal interests.

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