Stairway Accident — Neck Surgery

Our client fell down the stairs due to a loose handrail along the stairs. There had been complaints to the landlord and the apartment manager, however nothing was done. Our client had to undergo surgery on her spine.

$1.3 million settlement

Bicycle Seat Post Design — Back Surgery

Our client was injured when the bolts on the seat post of his bicycle broke, causing him to fall causing severe injury to his back. We sued the seat post manufacturer for a defective design.

$842,000 settlement

Dog Bite — Hand Surgery

Our client was attacked by a pitbull while dog-sitting for someone who failed to give proper instructions. Her hand was bitten and disfigured, and she required extensive surgery.

$750,000 settlement

Trash Truck Accident — Back Surgery

Our client was struck by a vehicle while he was working as a trash collector. Though it was not a heavy impact, client needed back surgery. The defendant claimed the accident did not cause the injury.

$1.2 million settlement

Red Light Violation — Shoulder Injury

Our client was struck at an intersection by a driver who ran a red light. Our client suffered a fractured shoulder and an eye injury.

$550,000 settlement