What You Should Never Do After a Crash

Hundreds of people get into car accidents in California and throughout the country every day. The moment you get into a wreck, you might feel overwhelmed or panicked. You might wonder if the other driver is hurt or if your insurance company will cover your damages. With emotions running high, the last thing you want to do is make a decision that could put you at a legal disadvantage. The following are a few things you should never do after an accident.

Minimizing Your Injuries

Among the biggest mistakes made after an accident, minimizing your injuries is probably the worst. Never shrug off any pain you’re experiencing. Serious symptoms aren’t always immediate, so don’t dismiss what seems like a minor issue because it could turn into a major health problem later.

Leaving the Scene

If you were at fault, you could be tempted to leave the scene of the accident, but fleeing the scene of an accident is a serious crime in most states. Since so many people have cellphones, chances are that someone is recording you. Take responsibility for your actions and wait until the authorities arrive.

Failing to Obtain Proper Documentation

The best way to protect yourself legally is to obtain the proper documentation to support a claim if you decide to file one for medical expenses, damages and lost wages. Make sure you collect information such as:

Photos of the scene and vehicles involved

  • The contact information of the other driver
  • The other driver’s insurance company and policy number
  • The contact information of any passengers involved
  • The contact information of the police officer who’s filing the report

Auto accidents often happen without warning. You can’t predict if or when a wreck will occur, but you can be prepared beforehand. Hopefully, the above tips will be helpful if the unexpected happens. In the aftermath of an accident, a personal injury attorney may help you through the process of filing a claim for compensation.

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