Understanding how Nerve Injuries Can Impact an Accident Claim

Auto accident injuries in California come in a wide variety. Most injuries produce some form of observable exterior damage, but many more serious injuries are actually located internally. Just as with bone bruises and torn muscles after a collision, nerve damage injuries are also very common and typically associated with a spinal injury of some type. Spinal injuries around the upper back and neck are typical medical problems after an accident, and medical treatment can be complicated due to the huge number of nerves running through the confluence at the neck and brain. Nerve injuries and brain injuries can actually be connected just as with spinal injuries, and establishing the extent of damage can be challenging even for experienced neurologists.

Head and Neck Injuries

The greatest concentration of nerve leads come from the upper body and extend out to the shoulders and down the spine. This entire body network is the central nervous system, and it can be seriously injured in any MVA in association with any attached injured body region. However, there can also be deep nerve injury without necessarily incurring a muscle or bone injury. Numbness is the primary symptom of nerve injury anywhere in the body, as is tingling. And, serious injuries can result in paralysis to some degree if not total or permanent.

Mid and Lower Lumbar Nerves

Lower back injuries are usually the medical issues that affect personal mobility for most accident victims. Nerve damage in the lower back is very common, and it can result in long-term rehabilitation therapy if recovery is even possible. Primary symptoms of lower back nerve damage include numbness in the legs and feet along with a drawing of the sciatic nerve in the lower back and leg. Sciatica is actually one of the most central problems in serious nerve impairments, and the inability to walk can be material to maximizing any MVA accident claim.

Personal injury attorneys in California often understand how important nerve damage diagnosis is for their injured clients when compensation is being discussed. Nerve damage is rarely rehabilitated, and clients only have one real opportunity for financial justice when long-term impact is negotiated in general damages.

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