Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents Increases During the Summer

Driving in San Diego and throughout California carries with it inherent risks no matter the time of year. However, the summer is riskier and people face a higher chance of being in motor vehicle accidents. This has led to the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day being referred to as the “100 deadliest days.”

From 2008 to 2018, there were 8,300 fatalities during that time-frame. Currently, other factors are increasing the risk of summer auto accidents. That includes the ongoing pandemic and its restrictions such as closed schools, teens being unable to work, and usual activities being canceled. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says drivers between 16 and 17 have three times the chance of being in a fatal collision when compared with the accident rates for adults.

Inexperience is certainly a factor, but teen behaviors tend to cause crashes. In a survey, 72% of teens between the ages of 16 and 18 said they did at least one of the following over the previous 30 days: 47% said they drove 10 mph above the speed limit, 40% said they drove 15 mph above the speed limit, 35% said they texted while driving, 32% admitted to running a red light, 31% said they drove aggressively and 17% drove without wearing a seatbelt.

Parents are critical to teens understanding the basics of safe driving. Emphasizing how to avoid crashes should start at home through words, by setting an example and having rules. Still, teens are prone to having motor vehicle accidents causing serious injuries. People can face massive medical expenses and other costs. Fatalities can happen. After a crash, a legal filing might be the only available strategy to recover sufficient compensation. Contacting a firm experienced in auto accident litigation may be able to help.

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