Red Turn Signals May Be Dangerous

Residents of California may be interested in learning how the use of red in turn signals in a car may not be very effective. Changing the color to orange or amber has suggested that more rear-end collisions, parking lot bumping and turning incidents could be avoided.

Even though there are abundant new safety devices on new automobiles, the turn signal has been overlooked as a means of putting car occupants in the way of harm. According to research, amber signals save lives.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, made in 2008, showed that cars with red turn signals had 22% more accidents when being hit from behind. Cars that had amber indicators were more successful at changing lanes, parking and turning.

NHTSA changed some of the lights to amber the next year and found that those who had just changed colors of lights experienced fewer accidents. The conclusion was that a change from red to orange accounts for a 5.3% reduction in rear-end collisions.

The cost of this change from red to amber is minimal; it can range from pennies to $10. Carmakers are adding luxury safety items while cutting the cost of something as simple as amber-turning lights.

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