Pain After an Accident Can Have Delayed Onset

Sometimes, California residents do not always feel pain at the scene of a car accident. When the pain is in their neck and back, it may take some time for the discomfort to materialize. The good news is that this does not keep an accident victim from recovering financially for their injuries.

Delayed pain after an accident is common. There can be headaches, pain in the extremities or even PTSD that materializes at a later date. If no claim or case has been filed, accident victims can file a lawsuit or claim so long as the statute of limitations has not passed. Even if they have agreed in principle to a settlement, they can still receive additional compensation so long as they have not signed a release of liability in the settlement. If that happens, the signed agreement extinguishes all types of future claims that could arise out of the same accident.

It is important to have extensive medical evaluations and estimates of future costs before signing this release of liability. People will be asked to sign this and there may even be pressure to do so. However, before agreeing to this, an accident victim should make sure that they have reached maximum medical improvement where they have reached as high of a level of recovery as they will and their condition is stable.

Before accident victims settle their case with the insurance company, they would be helped by seeking the advice of a motor vehicle accidents attorney. The lawyer could evaluate the case and help negotiate the claim with the insurance company. They may also help the client estimate what the potential damages are and counsel the client on a reasonable settlement. The lawyer might keep a client from settling a claim for too low of a dollar amount.

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