Highway Work Zone Crash 29 Times Likelier with Distracted Drivers

You may have been injured in a car accident here in San Diego, California, in which case the next question is who was negligent and to what extent. It could be that the other driver was distracted. Unfortunately, this is a very common form of negligence.

Distracted drivers and highway work zones

One study from the University of Missouri has found that distracted driving can have especially bad results in highway work zones. Drivers who are inattentive for any length of time are 29 times more likely to either crash or have a near-collision in a highway work zone.

Work zones are naturally dangerous for several reasons. There are usually fewer open lanes in these zones, for one thing, and drivers who speed in them are already putting themselves at a higher risk. This is why such areas have reduced speed limits to begin with. It’s interesting to note that there’s a highway work zone crash every 5.4 minutes in this country.

The importance of the study

For their data, researchers turned to the Naturalistic Driving Study conducted by the Transportation Research Board as part of its second Strategic Highway Research Program. This earlier study collected first-hand accounts from over 3,000 drivers who detailed their actions prior to the crash they were in. Only the University of Missouri has used this data to look specifically at highway work zone crashes.

The results of this new study may be beneficial in certain ways. For instance, it could recommend the use of “behavioral countermeasures” to state transportation agencies: countermeasures like texting bans and improvement in public education so that drivers can be safer. It could also help those automakers that are attempting to build self-driving vehicles and other technology.

An attorney to personally handle your case

You incurred serious injuries, and you’re wondering how to go about seeking compensation. This is where a personal injury attorney may be of assistance. After the case evaluation, the attorney may bring together evidence of the other driver’s negligence and proceed to settlement negotiations. You may be compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

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