Do You Need to Be Checked for A TBI After a Car Accident?

Traumatic brain injuries are common after car accidents, and they don’t always show immediate symptoms. You need to get a checkup after the accident regardless of how bad it was. This is to check for injuries and to protect yourself legally. A California judge may decide that you have a higher liability for your injuries if you fail to get a checkup right after an accident.

TBI Effects Could Last Your Entire Life

If you don’t receive prompt treatment for your TBI, you could have effects that last your entire life. Traumatic brain injuries can cause lasting problems with cognition, emotional function, movement and sensations. Failing to stick to your treatment plan could also cause injuries to become more permanent. It’s critical that you rest properly and follow the treatment plan even if you feel fine.

Any Car Accident Could Cause a TBI

Some people mistakenly assume that only severe car accidents cause traumatic brain injuries. Even a minor car accident could give you a TBI among other types of injuries. Any blow, jolt or impact to your head has the potential to injure your brain. Upon impact, your brain jostles inside of your skull, which can cause bruises and other physical damage to the brain.

Percentage of Liability

California assigns a percentage of blame to each party in a lawsuit involving motor vehicle accidents. Your percentage of liability could increase if you don’t receive a checkup immediately after the accident. You also need to see the doctor again if you experience symptoms after your initial checkup. To determine your percentage of liability, the court looks at evidence from the accident scene, medical reports, medical appointments after the accident and any submitted documents from those involved.

Whether a motor vehicle accident is minor or major, it can cause traumatic brain injuries. You must see a doctor to know if you have a TBI because there aren’t always evident symptoms. If you want to pursue compensation for a TBI, a personal injury lawyer may help you with each step of the process.

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