Big Rig Overturns on Interstate 15

Five people in California were injured when a big rig overturned on Interstate 15 on Sept 3. The big rig overturned when the driver lost control while trying to exit onto Interstate 15 from eastbound Route 78 near Pala. A pickup truck collided with the vehicle, followed by a minivan that was caught in the chain reaction. As a result of the crash, three of the northbound Interstate 15 lanes were closed for the next few hours, which caused a traffic backup.

A team of firefighters arrived after the accident and freed the big rig driver from the vehicle as well as one individual in the pickup truck. Five people were taken to the hospital, but none of them suffered from life-threatening injuries. One lane and the exit ramp from eastbound Route 78 were closed for several hours. A spokesman for the local fire department said that drivers should avoid the area for the rest of the evening. Motor vehicle accidents like this frequently result in highway lanes and exit ramps being shut down.

How to proceed after being involved in a truck accident

Motor vehicle accidents of any kind are dangerous, but truck accidents are much more likely to result in death and injury. Trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, which puts other drivers at a disadvantage on the road. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and people in a passenger vehicle are much more likely to die or suffer injuries than the person driving the commercial truck.

If an individual or their family member suffered injuries or death in a collision with a commercial truck, legal action may be warranted. As a result, they might wish to take the case to an attorney. The lawyer might be able to assess the situation, help them document evidence and negotiate a fair settlement that covers medical or funeral bills.

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