Are Bicycle Accident Fatalities on The Rise?

Bicycle riding comes with many health benefits along with several risks. Cyclists must share California roads with others, including vehicles. When a vehicle hits a bike, the odds may suggest that the cyclist could suffer far worse injuries. Traumatic brain injuries and even death become possible outcomes in an auto-bicycle collision. Bicycle enthusiasts in California may feel alarmed when they discover the statistics related to bicycle accidents.

Bicyclists May Face Risks and Dangers in California

California certainly isn’t the only state where bicyclists may benefit from using caution, but statistics from the Golden State could raise alarms. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals 455 bicyclists died between 2016 and 2018 in traffic accidents. That’s the highest toll in 25 years. While figures weren’t as bad across the nation, fatal accidents appear on the rise everywhere with 2,516 cyclists dying during that period in the United States.

The popularity of bicycling leads many to take to the bike lanes. Those doing so may wish to follow established tips for good safety. Signaling before making a turn and wearing a bike helmet could enhance safety. Still, a cyclist might only be able to do so much. A person on a bike cannot control a driver’s actions, which could result in unfortunate bicycle accidents.

Cars Present Hazards to Bicyclists

Bicyclists often share the road with cars, trucks, and SUVs. Unfortunately, drivers may perform actions that could injure or even kill someone riding a bicycle. Driving recklessly or in the bicycle lane might reflect more egregious actions. People prone to distracted driving, a common cause of many accidents, could crash into a bicyclist.

When an SUV crashes into a smaller car, at least the car has its frame and airbags to provide some protection. However, someone on a bicycle who is hit by an SUV or another car could suffer significant injuries due to the lack of protection. In the aftermath, a personal injury or wrongful death suit might follow.

Bicycle fatalities are on the rise in California across the United States. Bicycle thieves may benefit from using extreme caution on the road. Persons injured in negligent bicycle accidents may wish to talk to an attorney.

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