American Roads Are Getting Deadlier for Pedestrians

California streets and highways are following a growing trend of becoming even deadlier for pedestrians. In 2019 alone, 6,301 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles throughout the country. That’s a 46% increase from the pedestrian fatalities recorded in 2010.

A Closer Look at The Causes

Traffic accidents resulting in pedestrians being killed are becoming more prominent all across the nation. One of the biggest contributing factors to this rise in death rate is the surge in the number of trucks and SUVs. With bigger vehicles dominating the roadway, pedestrians are more at risk for serious and fatal injuries than with smaller-sized cars.

Another major contributing factor to pedestrian deaths is intoxication. While you may be prone to assume the intoxication was from the drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents, that is not always the case. Rather, intoxicated pedestrians are becoming victims of deadly roadway accidents more often. Most of these accidents happen in the overnight hours.

Formulating a Solution to Reduce Deaths

Pedestrian accidents are not completely avoidable, but steps are being taken. As vehicles get larger, the idea of widening roadways is becoming increasingly popular. Advocacy groups are demanding that car manufacturers focus their attention on not only enhancing safety for those riding in the vehicle but for pedestrians as well.

To assist with the rise in nighttime fatalities, redesigning roadways is a commonly suggested solution. With more lighting for roadway crossings, vehicle drivers will be more aware of the pedestrians around them. When drivers can better see pedestrians, they can react quickly to avoid hitting them.

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