5 Tips for Safe Holiday Travels

Thousands of people hit the road for the holidays. Because most people gather with friends, family or other loved ones, there is an increased number of vehicles traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Those other drivers could pose a risk to you. If a driver is distracted, reckless, intoxicated or otherwise unable to control their vehicle, they might put you and anyone else on the road in danger.

Which holidays have the highest rate of vehicle collisions?

Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are the two most dangerous holidays for individuals on the road. The chances of getting in a motor vehicle accident and sustaining injury on Thanksgiving increase by 100% compared to a typical day. Similarly, New Year’s Day sees a 95% overall increase in collisions.

It may be helpful to know which holidays are hazardous so drivers can take precautions to avoid traveling on those days or at least be aware of the increased likelihood of an accident. Drivers should be alert and cautious when traveling for the holidays.

How can you safely travel to your destination?

Although you cannot control other drivers’ actions, there are some safe driving tips you can follow. By exhibiting good driving behavior, you may be able to reduce the danger you face when traveling.

  1. Check the weather, ensure it is safe for you to travel.
  2. Be sure your vehicle is running correctly and pack an emergency kit, just in case.
  3. Stay off your phone. Be awake, alert and follow the speed limit.
  4. Don’t drink and drive. Avoid consuming alcohol or enlist a sober driver.
  5. Drive defensively. If a vehicle is following too closely, swerving or driving erratically, you may want to avoid it and have a passenger call the local police department and report the vehicle.

Hopefully, these five tips remind drivers to do their part in keeping themselves, their loved ones and everyone else on the road, safe this holiday season.

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