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What latent injuries result from car accidents?

| Jul 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car accident could leave someone with obvious injuries, such as external lacerations or visible fractures. Not every vehicle collision results in the victims displaying signs of harm. Injured persons who don’t know something’s wrong may not take an immediate trip to a California hospital, a potentially disastrous decision. Many vehicle crashes result in latent injuries, some of which could be severe ones.

Common latent injuries after car crashes

Whiplash ranks among the most common injuries sustained in an auto accident. Whiplash refers to the neck sprain resulting from the head’s violent back-and-forth motion after being struck. Sometimes, the injuries extend beyond the neck and affect the back and vertebrae. Whiplash may result in a chronic condition in which pain and other symptoms last for weeks or longer.

Not everyone may realize the severity of his or her injury or even know if another problem is present. Someone may suffer whiplash and a concussion. Not going to the doctor could leave both conditions untreated. Even worse, a person may break his or her neck and not be aware of how serious his or her condition is.

Severe head trauma and brain injuries are not uncommon, and they may have long-term consequences. Brain injuries could leave victims of car accidents reliant on a caretaker depending on the extent of the damage.

Care and latent injuries

Seeing a doctor without delay could lead to immediate medical care, but the treatments may require lengthy hospital stays, surgeries and rehabilitation. Such things come with costs, and the victim may be unable to work for many months.

An auto insurance settlement could cover some losses, but a lawsuit may become necessary when expenses exceed settlement amounts. Sometimes, the victim may file suits against several defendants.

An attorney may explain legal options to an accident victim. A lawyer could handle settlement talks for his or her client.