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In an accident, why is speeding so important?

| Jun 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in an accident can leave you injured or even permanently disabled, causing you to lose your job and in some cases, even your home. Whether you were walking as a pedestrian or hit in another vehicle in San Diego, California, understanding why speeding is so important for any accident case is essential, especially when you are seeking financial compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

Why speed matters

The speed of a vehicle, when involved in an accident, can determine whether or not the driver of the vehicle itself was at fault or not. Additionally, a recent report states that nearly 25% of fatal accidents on the road were due to speeding or a vehicle losing control at an accelerated speed. When individuals stick to speed limits, they are less likely to put other motorists and pedestrians nearby at risk.

Increased force

When you are speeding in a motor vehicle, you are not only increasing the speed of the vehicle itself, but also its force. Speeding vehicles that crash into other individuals, properties or vehicles are likely to do much more damage than those who were driving at appropriately designated speeds.

Increased chance for an accident

Choosing to drive faster than the set speed limit is not only risky legally, but also physically, especially if you are not a professionally trained drive. Going too fast or going over the speed limit puts you and your vehicle at risk of skidding, sliding, or even spinning out entirely depending on your location and surrounding terrain. Even if other vehicles appear to be going faster than the legal speed limit, it is best to stay within the legal speed range to avoid accidents, confusion, or impulsive and rash decisions while on the road.

Whether you have been hit by another motorist or if you have a loved one who is out of work due to being hit by a speeding driver, seeking out legal representation from a car accident attorney is highly advisable. With the right legal representation, gain peace of mind moving forward with your legal case knowing that you are in the right hands.