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How quotas can increase accident risks

| May 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Delivery drivers who are expected to meet strict deadlines in California might place others at a greater risk of being injured or killed in accidents because of the pressure the drivers are under. One example is Amazon, which has emphasized making fast deliveries of its products to customers instead of prioritizing safety.

Investigation into Amazon’s delivery practices

ProPublica and Buzzfeed News partnered to investigate Amazon’s delivery practices as the company rapidly expanded its delivery services while prioritizing fast deliveries. They found that Amazon delivery drivers have been involved in 60 motor vehicle accidents since 2015, resulting in 13 deaths and numerous serious injuries. The investigation also found that company executives ignored recommendations for safety measures, including drug-testing delivery drivers while it worked to build a fleet of drivers. The company’s emphasis on making fast deliveries of products has encouraged drivers to take risks, including speeding, making illegal U-turns, and turning left on streets when it is not safe to do so.

Problems of quotas for delivery drivers

Amazon is not alone in requiring drivers to meet stringent deadlines to increase profits. Truck drivers face similar pressures to deliver their loads on time. This can lead to drivers logging more hours than they should in violation of the hours of service rules. Quotas can also result in drivers avoiding taking breaks, leading them to drive while fatigued and potentially causing serious motor vehicle accidents. Drivers whose employers establish quotas are also likelier to speed and violate other traffic safety rules.

When delivery drivers negligently cause accidents while they are working, the injured victims might be able to hold both the drivers and their employers accountable for the harm that they have caused. People who have sustained injuries or have lost close family members might want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.